Short Notes for DOTA 2 Guides for League Players

Considering how competitive and fast DOTA 2 is for a non-league player, how high do you think the stakes are if you are a league player. Make no mistake about it, if you are a league player you really need to take your game to the highest level you're capable of taking it. This is no easy feat. I'm sure you are already well aware of this fact.

The sad reality is that as more players play DOTA 2, the bell curve as far as player competency is concerned keep shifting to the right. It's a never ending arm's race. It's easy to think that the skill set for this game is rather static and fixed. Well, I'm telling you right now, thinking along those lines will definitely retard the level of success you will achieve with this game. I'm not saying you won't be successful, however what I am saying is that you won't be successful enough. 

You see, in any kind of competitive sports you have to keep pushing your limits. You have to keep moving. You can't fall into the trap of thinking, just because you hit the #1 slot 10 weeks ago that you can stay there. I know that this is very tempting. I know that this is the default position in as far as many people are concerned but this is definitely the path of this resistance. The big danger here however, is that you would overlook the fact that there's a tremendous amount of talent from all four corners of the globe trying to master the same game that you think you've mastered. What do you think will happen?

Since people skill sets are constantly mutating and moving forward, if you choose to stop for even a week you are simply going to get left behind. Even the best amongst us has found their self in the worst way possible. This is all very depressing and sobering but this leads to an even more depressing conclusion for many people.

In their minds, they had to basically camp out at DOTA 2 and put it on a godly amount of time trying to keep taking their game to the next level. They think that by simply putting in the time, they will get the results that they're looking for when it comes to managing their competition. I'm not going to lie, in the beginning this is going to work. After all you are going about it using sheer brute force.

However, if you're like most people, you're probably going to burnout at some point in time. This is all too natural that happens to the best of us. In fact, you might burnout so much that you end up dropping DOTA 2 for a long, long time. If you don't want that to happen and you still want to be at the top of your game as a league player, and also have enough time for the rest of your life, you need to listen up! Here are just some short guides for DOTA 2 players that want to operate at the league level:

Start Small

The first thing you need to do is that you need to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on yourself. If you think that you have to be the #1 league player or you have to live up to league standards, getting out of the game, you're simply playing the game wrong. It really is that simple!

You have to remember that DOTA 2 is not just a technical game, it's not just about knowing the right strategies, it's not just about reading the right combat context so you can operate in an optimal tactical way. It goes beyond those mere technicalities. You have to also understand that it is a psychological game. If you're putting a tremendous amount of pressure on yourself, it's going to somehow, some way cut into your performance.

I've seen this happen firsthand. In fact, it's happened to me! If I put so much stress on myself, I simply end up chasing my tail. Sure, I end up ranking very high but at the same time I put so much pressure that it feels almost that I'm about to have an emotional breakdown. You see where I'm coming from? This is unsustainable.

Allow yourself to start small. What I mean by this is, look at it for what it is. It's an adventure game. Allow yourself to have fun. Allow yourself to make a mistake here and there and to discover things.

When you go about playing at the league level with this mindset, a lot of the fun of DOTA 2 will come back and this fun will translate to real passion. Real passion solves problems, stress doesn't. Real passion enables you to tap into the depths of your imagination so you can see things  that your competitors can't. This would enable you to come up with solutions by patching many different elements that your competitors simply can't even think about. You see where I'm coming from?

You would only be able to do this if you had a relax and calm perspective. This is very hard to pull off if you think that you have to achieve a certain level by certain time. This is very hard to do if you are working with a tremendous amount of self-imposed internal pressure.  Take it easy! Take a deep breath and start small and scale up. You're in no rush.

Look Beyond the Big Prizes

It's easy to think that the main driver of league players is the big prizes for DOTA 2. I can't lie. This is pretty much a statement of fact for many people but, if you want your league playing intensity and skill level to be self-sustaining and self-reinforcing, you need to listen up! 

You need to look pass the big prizes and focus on the ultimate prize. The ultimate prize is that you're competing against yourself. Your main motivator should be how to push your problem solving and imagination engineering capabilities to a whole other level.

When you're competing with yourself, it's easier to perform at peak levels. When you're consciously performing against other people and you are driven primarily by competition, it's going to be much harder for you. It really will be. Why? You're constantly looking over your shoulder, you're constantly thinking about what other people might be thinking. This is a sure recipe for disaster because you're constantly second guessing yourself.

Focus instead on what you know. Focus instead on your intuition. This is the ultimate prize because this requires a lot of imagination and creativity. You have to first pay attention to how you think and then look for blind spots. Look for exemptions and expectations that work against you instead of working for you. I hope you see where I'm coming from. 

Because if you're able to learn from this and really take it to the next level, this can pay off tremendously in all areas of your life. You can become more productive at work. You can have more meaningful relationships. You can have a calmer perspective on life overall. Do you see where I'm coming from?

This is serious stuff and the good news is that all the time you invested on DOTA might not necessarily a wasted time.


Is Using DOTA 2 Game Booster Service Cheating?

One of the biggest controversies plaguing the world of DOTA 2 is the use of Game Booster Services. A lot of people think that if you do not spend hour after hour playing this highly addictive game then you are somehow someway cheating. There's actually quite a bit of truth in that thinking. Let's face it, DOTA 2 is a very competitive game. It takes quite a bit of time and effort to know how to play the game properly, to get a feel for game mechanics, so you can not only do well but also dominate.

It really would seem quite unfair when somebody just hires a service provider to boost their overall game results while they themselves did not put in the time. This definitely seems unfair to guys who spent hour after hour in front of their TV or console or PC playing the game. Seems like a simple open and shut case of game morality, right? Not so fast…

There are always two sides to any argument, and I would argue that whether you hire a booster service or buy and use a booster pack or retain a service provider to boost your account level, these activities may not be all that bad.  

Just look at what you stand to lose if you try to play the game the normal way. Of course, the normal way is to spend a huge amount of time playing the game. It's a tremendous amount of fun, I will give you that. But, the problem is that you have to consider what are you losing in exchange for all that fun. 

You're sacrificing something big – it's called your LIFE! 

You have relationships to maintain, you have responsibilities to live up to, if you're a single guy living on your own you probably have rent to pay. You see where I'm coming from? And unfortunately it's too easy for guys to really lose themselves in this game.

I have seen this a lot! In fact, it happened to me. There was a time where I spent a whole week playing DOTA non-stop. I'm talking about barely getting up because I was so drowsy from lack of sleep. It got so bad that I really fought myself really hard to not go to the bathroom. The game is that addicting! I know you probably don't need me to remind you of this very serious fact.

Considering that DOTA can be such a massive magnet or, in the eyes of many people, blackhole of your time, retaining the services of a DOTA 2 game booster service provider might not be all that crazy of an idea. If anything, it might even save your life.

Think of it this way, if you spend tons of hours playing DOTA 2 and you failed to do your homework or coursework in college, what do you think will happen? Similarly, if you would rather camp out in front of your console and play DOTA instead of going to work on time, what do you think will happen? Finally, if you lose your job or you get kicked out of school and lose your scholarship money, do you think your landlord (or anybody who requires payments from you or in some form depending on you) would be happy? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the answers to these basic questions.

Unfortunately,  a lot of people who have become DOTA addicts are completely blind to this. They think that they need to play the game at a very pure way. They think that they have to invest a ridiculous amount of time so they can achieve real levels of progress in the game.

As a purist and as a person who believes in integrity, I totally agree with you in regards to doing it yourself. The problem is I'm also a pragmatist. You also have to be practical. While there is a lot to be said about doing things the natural way and earning the character level that you are shooting for, you have to balance that with the other realities of life. The reality is, if you spend too much time on DOTA, the rest of your life will start falling apart.

In the beginning, you probably wouldn't notice. In the beginning, the worst inconvenience you probably would suffer is that you can't rush to the bathroom whenever you feel like. However, eventually things will start caving in on you. The rent will come due, you might get fired from your job, your girlfriend might leave you. All sorts of small disasters can pile up very quickly. Eventually, you might even reach the point where you start losing weight, you stop taking care of yourself, and it goes on and on and on.

Now, you might think that I'm describing the story of some dude that discovered heroin and how awesome it was. You might think that I'm describing the typical pattern of somebody who got turned on to crystal meth or cocaine. Well, there's actually quite a lot to be said regarding drug addiction and video game addiction. They share one thing in common, it's called ADDICTION.

You see, whenever you are in a situation where you're getting some sort of physical and mental reward but the rewards are not evenly spaced out and they vary levels of intensity, the end result is very predictable. The end result of course is addiction. You have a serious problem if you can't stay within one hour of your time budget for video games every single day 

If you see yourself falling into a pattern where you tell yourself that you're only going to play DOTA for 30 minutes and 30 minutes quickly turns into 1 hour, 1 hour in turn turns into 3 hours, which then turns into 8 hours, you know you have a problem in your hands.

Sadly, too many people make excuses for themselves. The classic excuse of course is that I'm not really leveling up my character in an honest way if I hire a game booster service provider or I buy booster packs. Well, slow down. We're not talking about your character as a person, we're not talking about your personal integrity here, we're talking about your life.

This is basic life management. You have to invest your time in things that would have a higher rate of return. Investing in your family and your relationships, definitely have a higher return than being one of the top characters in DOTA. Similarly, investing your time into proper training and diligence at work can pay off tremendously, not just now in the form of rent money but also in terms of your career. You see how this all works out?

Sadly, a lot of this is lost to people who are addicted or in the middle of becoming addicted. They see using boosters or some other time saving arrangement as a cap out or a form of cheating. This really is just an excuse. You are in denial, you need to look at your addiction straight in the eyes and recognize it for what it is. Otherwise, you're not going to achieve any kind of progress overcoming your addiction.


What is DOTA 2 Coaching About?

A lot of DOTA 2 Purists probably will not want to read this article. They really wouldn't. Why? It's all about cheating. Well, at least that's probably the word that they would use. I would use another word entirely. In fact, I prefer to use the word optimization. 

Cheating is as different from optimization as black is from white and up is from down. Unfortunately, there's really no sense in talking sense into the heads of Purists. Purists will always remain purists and in their minds if you are not doing things the exact same way they're doing things on DOTA 2, then you are cheating.

This really is too bad because a lot of these guys spend tremendous amount of time on DOTA 2 and I'm telling you right now, a lot of that time is simply wasted time. If you are doing the same stuff over and over again on DOTA 2, you are wasting your time.  However, in their minds, they're not wasting time. They think that they're learning some sort of skill. They think that they're putting in their dues. Whatever it is that they are saying, they're simply giving themselves an excuse for wasting the most precious asset they have.

Make no mistake about it, your time is your most expensive and precious asset. It may seem like it's free but it isn't. You see, if you spent a day doing something unproductive today  – by unproductive I'm talking about completely worthless. Whatever activity you did, did not give you any emotional payoff, there was no physical reward, there was definitely no financial benefit from it, it was a complete waste. If you did that, then you would be one day closer to death. You know what I mean?

We're only on this planet for a fixed amount of time. We don't have that many days left and if you decide to spend one day doing stuff that has absolutely no payoff, you wasted that day. A DOTA purist won't subscribe to this. They think that every minute that they spend on DOTA 2, they are getting something of value. 

Well, that is psychological. Even the most diehard DOTA fan would agree that they can do things in a more efficient way. This would free up a lot of time, in many cases, they can achieve the same objectives with less time. This is why DOTA coaching is on the range.    

A lot of people are asking themselves what is DOTA 2 coaching and why do I need it? The answer is actually very simple! It all boils down to proper time management. There is really no reason why you should spend more than 1 hour everyday for DOTA 2.

In fact, 1 hour is plenty. Unfortunately, a lot of people think that DOTA is just like a job. The more time you put in the better you get at it and somehow, some way in the future there will be some sort of reward.

Well, I'm telling you right now you're just fooling yourself because the rest of your life is passing you by. There are relationships that you need to cultivate and maintain. There is a career you're building and nurturing to bloom. There is an academic career or some sort of academic activity that would make you a better person. The list goes on and on. These are the important stuff of life.

I'm not saying that DOTA 2 is not important, I'm not saying that at all! What I am saying is you need to put things in proper perspective. Unfortunately, this is almost impossible to do if you're spending at least 2 hours of everyday in front of the screen playing DOTA. You see where I'm coming from?

So, this is where coaching pays off tremendously. DOTA 2 coaching is really all about mentoring. Being mentored by people who had put in the time to master DOTA to like the back of their hands.  They know the game backwards and forwards. They're forgotten more about the game than many expert players are learning about the game. That’s the level these guys operate from. You can benefit tremendously from these peoples' coaching services because they will tell you how to do things in a very efficient way.

I'm telling you right now, 80% of the things that you're doing on DOTA right now, are completely unnecessary. At the very least they are repetitive. By simply cutting back on 80% and focusing on 20% that produces results, you can end up exploding the results you get from DOTA. This is no joke! This is not a theory! This is actual experience.

By choosing to be more efficient, by getting the proper expert coaching advice, you would be able to take your game to the next level much faster. This would enable you to free up the rest of your life. It's picking up that book you have been meaning to read all this time or going out more often with your girlfriend or wife, you can finally have the time to do that. If you have projects to do at home, like a sink that's leaking, or a roof that needs patching up, you can finally get around to do that.

I'm not saying that DOTA is bad for you, I'm not saying that at all. I'm not judging you, I'm not condemning you for putting in a large amount of time playing a video game. What I'm saying is that if you are a big fan of video games, you can do yourself a tremendous favor by minimizing the amount of time you play but maximizing the amount of results. This way you have a greater amount of satisfaction but you still have a lot more time for the rest of the things in your life that truly matter to you. You see how this all works out?

You have to look at the big picture. You have to understand that video games are just one small part of the puzzle. This part of the puzzle fits in to the other parts and if this part becomes bigger, then the other pieces in your life would have less resources. That's how it works. So, when you deal with people that help you do things faster so you can get better results, you can end up achieving better balance in your life. This really is the bottom line when it comes to the range of benefits you get from DOTA coaching. 

Sure, people who provide these services would probably give you a long list of benefits and advantages that you would get from their expert services. However, if you are going to boil it all that down, it really comes back to control. You get to reassert control over your time. You get to take advantage of the most precious asset in your life. 

You need to take this opportunity because if you were to fall into the quicksand of trying to impose time limits on yourself when you play video games, chances are it won't work. Chances are you would follow a very familiar pattern. I've seen this pattern play out time and time again. In fact, I've seen this pattern play out in the lives not only of my friends but also in my own life.

How does this pattern work out? Well, first you try to convince yourself that you can play the game for only 1 hour. In the first few weeks, you were able to stick to the schedule. Day in, day out, you stick with 1 hour. However, they will be a certain day where you get thrown off track and you end up spending 2 hours. You say to yourself that this is no big deal and this is not a part of a pattern and you resolve to spend only an hour on the game the next day.

Well, guess what? That next day never comes because 2 hours turns into 3 hours then all of a sudden it becomes 8 hours. At that point in time you stop giving yourself an excuse and you just convince yourself that you just need to achieve one more mission or achieve one more level and then you'll quit. Well, I'm telling you right now. You no longer have to play those games with yourself. In fact, you don't even have to start that process.

Arrest that process by getting an expert DOTA coach. You definitely will have yourself to thank for it later.


How to Find DOTA 2 Expert Guide That Is Really Worth the Money

Make no mistake about it, there are so many DOTA 2 expert guide books out there. There really is. The reason for this of course, should not come as a surprise. DOTA 2 after all is one of the most popular games on the planet. You heard me, on the PLANET.

The reason is because of one thing and one thing alone: DOTA 2 is extremely addictive. I'm not saying mildly addictive, I'm not saying it could lead to addiction, I'm saying extremely addictive. You really have to watch yourself when playing this game because it can really suck you in. You might think that you're just going to sit down and play a game for 30 minutes and get back with the rest of your life. Well, that may work for the first few times you play this game.

As you get deeper into the game world and you figure out how the game truly works, you might end up enjoying yourself so much that you spend hours playing the game. The most interesting thing about that experience is the feeling that you get at the end. The feeling is that you only played an hour but then it turned out you played 8 hours. You see where I'm coming from? That's how addictive DOTA 2 is, that's why it's so popular.

Not surprisingly, there are just so many Dota 2 Guide Books out there that claimed to be expert guide books. I'm telling you right now, a lot of them don't even know what they're talking about. A lot of them share the same basic information. It's as if people copied and pasted some sort of master "DOTA 2 Expert Guide" book. It really is that bad.

You see, if you want to truly master DOTA 2, you need to go beyond a lot of the topics covered by those books. You need to focus on building effective game play systems.

What is a Game Play System?
A game play system is of course not a console. The game play system that I'm talking about is a way of playing that maximizes your time and ability to discover the game world while at the same time racking up a tremendous amount of experience. The good news is, this can be done. You just have to pay attention to how expert players work the game.

This is what a lot of so-called expert guide books completely missed out on. They think that you only need to know certain shortcuts and strategies and you're good to go. Well, I don't mean to be the one to break the bad news to you, the more learn about these techniques the sooner they become worthless.

You see, DOTA 2 is all about competition. You really can't compete all that well when everybody knows the techniques that you're going to use. Instead of becoming an expert, you just leveled up your expertise to the same level everybody is on because they're reading the same guides. Do you see where I'm coming from here? 

Instead of looking at becoming an expert based on some sort of fixed body of information, my approach is different. My approach is that you'll have to look at EXPERT and define it contextually. The context of course is actual game play.

If you are playing with other players operating at a certain level, you need to learn how to quickly pick up on different techniques that they're using and quickly work around those techniques. This requires context. This requires doing things by the seat of your pants in a tremendous amount of creativity and imagination. No expert guide book can give you a complete and thorough laundry list of all these impromptu or improvisational moves. It's impossible!

Different people have different ways of approaching the same problem. Some people are completely unpredictable, other people have to connect the dots and go through some sort of checklist. It's easy to beat people who are predictable. It's easy to get defeated by people who are unpredictable. I hope you see how this all works out.

This is why the best DOTA 2 Expert Guide Book is one that teaches you how to pay attention to contextual signals. This is the best approach. This way, instead of  thinking that you have to memorize some sort of formula, some sort of list of highly strategic moves, you can free yourself of that burden. Instead, you pay more attention to being aware of other players' operations and tactics and quickly match this up with counter-maneuvers.

Again, the secret here is not memorizing some sort of cheatsheet or list of moves but, simply understanding how tactical maneuvers operate and how to take them apart. If you're able to pick apart your competitor's tactics and strategies, you can then feed those into effective counter-measures. If you're able to think along these terms you are moving so fast and so  unpredictably it's going to be very hard for people who use expert guide books to catch up to you. 9 times out of 10 you will catch them by surprise. This is the best way to become an expert on DOTA 2.

I'm telling you right now, if you think it's doing well on this game is just all about coming up with the list, reading somebody else's list, then memorizing a set of maneuvers then you are in for quite a beating indeed. If you're like most people, it will take you several defeats before you figure out that whatever those expert guide books are teaching you is simply not working. Learn to focus more on context. Learn to focus more on improving your game on a minute by minute basis instead of relying on some sort of canned solutions.

The problem with canned solutions is that they ultimately suffer from the same problem: a one size fits all approach. Life is very complicated and life in DOTA is a reflection of different peoples' complicated mindsets, backgrounds, and experiences. There's just so many things going on and if you try to reduce everything down to a formula that fits everybody's situations, then you are simply preparing yourself for a defeat. Don't do that!

The best approach is to be quick on your feet. Read the situation carefully and hit your opponent's where it hurts. This is where proper contextual strategy and tactics work the best. By being unpredictable and more importantly by being able to predict your competitors, you increase your likelihood of being a truly expert DOTA 2 player.


DOTA 2 Account Boosting Can Save Your Life

I know you probably think that the title to this article is a bit of a stretch. I would argue that the title of this article is absolutely accurate. If you are a fan of DOTA 2, you would agree with me.

The fact is DOTA 2 is one of the most addictive games on the planet. Let me repeat that, DOTA 2 is one of, if not the most addictive games on the planet. The reason is simple. Even if you're not that big of a fan, it's too easy to get in thinking that you're only going to spend half an hour and stop playing only after your body has given up after 8 hours. If you think I'm exaggerating you only need to read online reports of people playing DOTA 2 for hours on end. 

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that this can lead to all sorts of unwanted effects. Playing for hours on end can definitely affect the quality of your relationships. Also, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you spent too much time playing DOTA, you might not give your job or schoolwork the attention they deserve. Not surprisingly, you might assume find yourself out of a job or pulling down very low scores. Whatever the case may be you do a huge amount of time, addictive gaming takes, it's easy to see the negative effects it can have in all areas of your life.

This is why I'm a fan of DOTA 2 account boosting. Now, don't get me wrong! I am a true fan of DOTA 2. You might think that these two statements cancel each other out. How can somebody who is a true fan endorse account boosting? After all, account boosting is seen by many people as some sort of shortcut. Instead of putting in the tremendous amount of hours to boost your account naturally, you're paying somebody else to do it for you. 

Well, I would argue that these two statements don't cancel each other out. You can be a hardcore fan of the game while maintaining your sanity and that's where account boosting comes in. You see, if you're like most Americans with a life, you really don't have the luxury of time. Seriously! There's just so many other responsibilities competing for the precious amount of time you have in a day. There's only 24 hours in a day and there's just so many things you can do. First of all, you have to sleep. Second, you have to eat. You have to get back and forth from work, you have to spend time with your family, the list goes on and on.

If you're like most guys who are serious DOTA 2 fans, you'd be lucky to devote maybe one hour to the game. As you probably already know, investing only one hour in DOTA day after day may not be enough to get you to the level that you feel you deserve to be on.  This is what frustrates many DOTA players and this is why a lot of them unconsciously slip into addiction patterns. They think they're just catching up. They think that they're just putting in just a few minutes here and there. Oh well, guess what?

This type of thinking leads to a very predictable pattern. You start off with a few minutes and for the first week you do quite well because you stay well within your one hour budget. After that week passes, you pass one hour and then now it's taking you an hour and a half to get your DOTA 2 fixed. After that, you completely let go of all sense of self-control and you just play until you are tired. You see where I'm going with this?

It's too easy for this game to take over your life. This may sound melodramatic, this may sound overly alarmist but, it's an absolute fact. How many times have you said to yourself that you're going to sit down for a 'quick game' of DOTA 2? It starts out fairly innocent enough. You may have even gone to the bathroom at the right time during this early stage. Sure enough, as you get more immersed in the game, you find it harder and harder to peel yourself off the seat you're in. Forget bathroom breaks, you start ignoring even phone calls from your girlfriend, wife, significant other, or even kids. Eventually, you just give up and just dive into DOTA 2. Sound familiar? 

If you don't want your gaming activities to take over your life, pay attention to account boosting.

Account boosting is not cheating. Sure, it may seem like cheating. Sure, it may seem like you're getting some sort of unfair competitive advantage but you can safely side line all those thoughts. Your life is more important. What you do with your time is the most important decision you would ever make in any 24-hour period. Use your time wisely!

Sadly, as pleasurable as it may seem, sitting in front of a computer or a console for 24 hours straight playing DOTA 2 is not really a wise investment of your time. Account boosting can help you play at a very high level and give you a really buff character without you having to slave away weeks of your time to get to that level. I think it's a very happy compromise. I know there are some Purists out there that would scoff at this suggestion. In fact, many of them would find this insulting, but I don't care.

I care more about having a life. I care more about making sure that my life is going somewhere positive If you care about what you do with your life and what you invest your time in, you might want to take a long and serious look at DOTA 2 account boosting. It's not as bad as people claim it to be. Instead of some sort of cheat, it might actually be the kind of help that you need to get your game addiction under control.


What do you get from Dota 2 Coaching?

Have you been spending a huge amount of time on DOTA 2 and feel that you are not at the level that you deserve to be in? Have you been missing out on a lot of the other important things in your life like your relationship, your career, and your business projects because you have simply been investing too much time in DOTA 2? Do you feel that DOTA 2 is very exciting but you really can't seem to make a breakthrough?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you might want to consider hiring a DOTA 2 Coach. These are people who have this extremely popular and addictive game down cold. They have put in hundreds of hours if not thousands of hours mastering DOTA 2, so you don't have to. This is great news for most of us mortals. 


Let's face it! Most of us have lives to attend to. We have children to raise, we have careers to nurture, we have relationships to cultivate, we have businesses to grow. In other words, we have a normal life.

However, DOTA 2 is also very engaging and very addictive. How do you navigate the two? How do you strike a happy balance?

Well, a lot of guys try to go about it the wrong way. They think that as long as they mentally commit to playing DOTA 2 for about an hour everyday they're perfectly fine. Well, they can probably stick to the schedule the first few weeks, eventually, they will start slipping.

I've seen this happen quite a bit to my friends and even to myself. In the first few weeks, you would go into DOTA, play 1 hour and you can then responsibly log off. It doesn't take much effort to log off. You're still on the ball and you are playing the game in a very adult and responsible way. 

As the weeks pass by, a lot of the details of the game really get to you. You start getting drawn by so many details and you're just heavily engaged. You reach a point where you get so emotionally invested in the game that 1 hour quickly turns into 90 minutes. In the back of your mind you're thinking, "Well, it's just 30 minutes that I've gone over my limit, that's no big deal." You're able to stick to the 90-minute limit which is officially 1 hour for a week until it turns in to 2 hours, then it turns to 3 hours. Eventually, you end up feeling that you stepped into quicksand. The more you struggle and the more you feel bad at the fact that you're spending all this time on a video game, the harder it is for you to let go.

Does any of this sound familiar? If it does, don't feel too bad. There's no need to be ashamed. This happens to the best of us.

There are of course two ways to deal with this as I've mentioned. You can try to stick to a time limit and I'm telling you right now that's going to be a losing proposition because most people don't have iron wits. Some people have strong will power and they are able to resist and put up at some all sorts of stuff for a long period of time until they get their reward.

Most people are not like that. Most people haven't mastered the art of delayed gratification. If you're like most Americans, you want your stuff now and you want it big. You see where I'm coming from?

You want things bigger, faster, and cheaper. Thankfully, in many areas of life this is possible. However, when it comes to DOTA 2, this is a wrong approach. It's not gonna happen that way. You have to put in the time. You have to be disciplined. You have to learn a lot of things firsthand. This of course takes up a huge amount of time.

Time is your most precious asset because you can convert it into many different forms. You can invest time in your body and come out looking chiseled. You can come up with a body that looks like that of a Greek god's. You can invest time in your intellect. You can read a lot of books, talk with smart people, debate online, and do all sorts of college boosting activities and come out as a more credible and authoritative person. Do you see where I'm coming from? Time is the building blocks of life.

Money on the other hand is very limited because there's only a small range of products and services that money can buy. This is why it's really a tragedy that people are all too eager to waste their time. They think that time is free. They think that there's more where that came from.

I'm telling you right now, once a day passes, you're one day closer to dying. That's right! You're one step closer to the large black screen in your life that says GAME OVER.

You have to invest your time properly so, the whole idea of thinking that you can impose some sort of time limit into yourself when you play DOTA is really wishful thinking. This is where coaching comes in.

Effective DOTA 2 coaching, will help you not only figure out the tricks of the game so you would be able to achieve a higher level faster, it would also help you manage your time better. You would learn key strategies that would enable you to maximize your time. Instead of doing the same stuff over and over again, you can try to kill 3 birds with 1 stone. There are many strategies that would enable you to fulfill many different objectives in the least amount of time possible. This way, you increase your motivation, you are able to stick to your time limit, and likewise, lead a productive life. 

Coaching is crucial because these people made mistakes so you don't have to. These people have put in the time, so you won't have to. They know how the game works. They know the best way on how to achieve certain objectives.

By leaving things to the expert you end up freeing more of your time. When you have more time, you'll be able to achieve better results in other areas of your life. Not only would you be able to play DOTA with a clear conscience, but you can also see better results at school, at work, in your business, or any other area of your life. The best part is they're not struggling and losing motivation like other DOTA players. Since you're under expert coaching, you'd be able to step your game up to a high enough level that winning becomes second nature to you. You see what effective DOTA 2 coaching triggers is the power of momentum.

In the beginning, when you're just trying something new, chances are you will stumble. Chances are it will be very hard for you to get off the fence and actually try. The good news is the more you try something, the better you get at it. You'd be able to learn from your mistakes and it takes less effort starting rather than stopping. That's right!

You would be able achieve so much expertise in a short period of time and this can lead to you decreasing the amount of game time you put in everyday. Why? You'd be able to achieve a lot more results with less time than you did previously.

Previously, you spend hour after hour playing DOTA only to come up with disappointing results. Now that you have benefited from expert coaching, you spend less time but you walk away with more satisfaction.


Realistic DOTA 2 Guide For Beginners

This is probably not the first DOTA 2 guide for beginners you have read. If you are interested in playing DOTA 2 you probably have checked out a lot of online guides regarding how to do well in this game and how to get the hang of it. Make no mistake about it, DOTA 2 is indeed very addictive. In fact, I would argue that it's probably right up there when it comes to game addiction.

A lot of people look at DOTA 2 like they would crack cocaine. In the beginning, they think a few hits here and there is not going to get them addicted.  To them it's all fun, and they're just in it for the buzz. Eventually, they reach a point where they can't live without it.

The same applies to DOTA 2. In the beginning, you probably can walk away after 30 minutes, you might think you're having a good time but you have homework to take care of, maybe you have your girlfriend to call, or whatever the case maybe, you can drop the game and move on with the rest of your life. Eventually, as you go up in levels and you really discover a lot of the complexities and the intricacies of the game, it really start sucking you in.

30 minutes turns into 1 hour. After a while, 1 hour turns into 2 or 3 hours on a daily basis. I know of guys that can't even break themselves away from the game even if they had to go to the bathroom. In fact, I know one guy who was so extremely addicted that he was suffering from kidney stones and could not break away from the game. I know that sounds crazy but this person felt like something was cutting up the inside of his intestines but still could not break away from DOTA. If that doesn't show you how addictive this game could be, I don't know what will.

You might be asking yourself, "What kind of guide for beginners is this?" Well, probably the most important guide you would ever read because if you want to play DOTA, you have to understand that it's very addictive. I'm not going to waste your time telling you about the basics of the game because if you played games similar to DOTA, they all pretty much operate within the same boundaries. The bigger issue here is time management.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't play this game at all, I'm not saying that at all. The last message that you should get from this article is that you should not touch this game with a 10-foot pole. I'm not making that claim. I'm not giving you that type of advice. What I am saying is that you should know what you're getting into. If anything, you should look at this as an opportunity to practice yourself control and self-discipline.

This is an opportunity that can actually help pave the way for you becoming a more successful person in all areas of your life. You have to remember that self-discipline is the glue of success. If you're able to master self-discipline, it can pay off tremendously in all aspects of your life. This applies across the board.

If you're looking for a job, with the right self-discipline, you can pick the right job and if you have enough self-control, you can put in the right amount of time, effort, and energy to enable yourself to turn that job into a very rewarding career. If anything, with the right self-control you can open many doors for yourself. The best part is that nobody did you the favor, you did it yourself! Talk about feeling a tremendous amount of pride and accomplishment if you're able to do that.

Similarly, with self-control, you would be able to handle your relationships in a more mature and adult way. Let's face it! Real love relationships require self-sacrifice. If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, wife, or whatever, you have to give up some of the things that you would rather be doing just so you can spend time with that person. They're doing the same for you so, you should do the same for them. Really meaningful relationships, really are all about mutual self-sacrifice. You invest time, you pay attention to what they need, and you give them what they need. All these will be flushed down the toilet if you don't have self-control.

It takes a tremendous amount of discipline to step away from things that bring you pleasure and fulfillment so you can make somebody else happy. These same dynamics play out in a wide variety of activities in your life. Whether it's building up your net worth, establishing a career, learning something new, becoming an authority, becoming credible in something – all these involve self-control. 

This is why DOTA 2 is a golden opportunity. By being able to stick to a time budget, I don't care whether the budget you set for yourself is 1 hour or 3 hours. By simply being able to stick to that budget day after day, without making excuses for compromises, you will strengthen your discipline.

You have to remember that self-discipline doesn't come in a package, it's not some sort of a magical pill that you pop and in a sudden you'll get a tremendous amount of will power. It doesn’t work that way. It's something that can only grow or diminish based on your activities. You have to test i, you have to go through challenges, and I can't think of any more daunting challenge to oneself discipline than DOTA 2.

As I mentioned earlier, DOTA can really suck up quite a bit of your time. In fact, I call it personal time blackhole. Back before I learned effective time management and highly powerful self-discipline techniques, it was very easy for me to go into my room thinking that I'm just going to play DOTA 2 for 30 minutes. And then I get up after 8 hours has passed.

I don't want that to happen to you. So, the best advice I can give you is to wrap your mind around the central fact that this game is highly addictive. You have to make the decision at this point in time whether to play the game at all.

However, if you do decide to play it with a mindset that you are going to beat it by using it as a tool to boost your overall level of personal self-discipline and self-control. If you're able to do that, not only would you be able to enjoy DOTA 2 more, but you would also be able to learn key skills that can pay off tremendously in other areas of your life. In fact, looked at from this perspective, DOTA 2 can be your gateway to a more successful and fulfilling life.